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Camel Riding in the Gobi Desert

    Camel Trekking is one of the many amazing features included in our tours to the Gobi desert. Discovering the beauties of the Gobi nestling yourself between two humps of the Bactrian camel is something you cannot do often anywhere else and you would enjoy very much. So it's worthy to try a ride on this gentle and easy-paced animal for fun. But before you jump on for a ride, you should be aware of the following instructions to make your ride more enjoyable.

  • Loose-fitting, shiny and/or noisy clothes as well as the high-heeled and thick-soled shoes should be avoided for camel riding.
  • Don't use any strong perfumes before and during camel riding.
  • Bear in mind that you should not approach a camel from its back, front and right sides.
  • Approach the camel from the proper side (the left side), hold the leading-rein short and mount the camel with support of your guide or camel man putting your left tiptoe on the plate of the left stirrup first. While the camel is standing up, hold firmly its front hump, lean over backwards and then forwards to keep your balance. Because the camel is so tall and no one can jump on it when it is standing. You have to make it lie down on the ground to mount or dismount. When the camel stands up, it stretches its back legs first, then the front legs.
  • When you are on the camel, the stirrups should be fixed so that you can stretch your legs halfway. Your guide or camel man will shorten or lengthen the stirrup straps if necessary.
  • You should keep your tiptoes on the stirrup plates and sit your legs stretched halfway.
  • While riding a camel you should steer the leading rein loosening a bit in the direction that you want to go to.
  • You always should keep the leading rein short.
  • Keep in mind that you shouldn't frighten your camel by a sudden movement or loud scream. If you want to take a picture while on the camel, stop it first.
  • You shouldn't drink alcohol before and during camel riding.
  • If your camel will run fast and you want it slower, hold the leading rein back and keep it short.
  • If you want to dismount from your camel or your camel to lie down, say "Soeg, soeg!". Say "Chu, Chu!" to make your camel go ahead, "Ha, ha" to run faster.
  • Camels are easily startled animal so you should be vigilant while you ride them.
  • It is liable to get sunstroke while riding a camel, so you should keep your sun-hat on.
  • Talk to each other from time to time to be awake because one can fall asleep while riding a camel for a while as you would feel like being lulled like a baby.

The sun is closer from the camelback!