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   In Ulaanbaatar, you will stay in the best hotels available. These hotels are clean and comfortable and they are equivalent to Western first class, three star standards. Rooms have in-room toilet and shower facilities, televisions with access to international news channels, telephones which will connect you with your home in seconds without help of operator, mini bars and room service.
      In the countryside, you will stay in selected ger camps. Gers are the moveable traditional dwellings of nomadic people constructed of latticed wooden structure, covered by felt and canvas. A stove in the center heats the gers. The beds consist of mattresses on elevated wooden frames with fresh sheets, comforters, pillows and blanket. Traditional Mongolian gers offer you a comfortable new experience, as they are warmer and roomier than most any kind of tents. The camp restaurant and toilet and shower facilities are located in a central building found few meters from the gers. Our camp attendants help you to stoke the fire and bring hot water for tea or coffee.
     On most of our adventure trips, we use tenting camps that allow us to reach more distant areas and enjoy cloudless night skies with millions of stars. Our western made tents are of the highest quality and designed for mountain and desert expeditions. We also provide a central dining tent for groups. Our service team staff will set up and take down your tents, cook all meals and take care for your comfort that all you need is relax and enjoy the fascinating beauty of Mongolian countryside.