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Mongolia is one of the few places on earth where travelers can still explore with a true sense of adventure. Vast tracts of this "land of blue sky" can be discovered on the back of horse or camel for an authentic cultural experience in the style of Chinggis Khaan's mounted army, or in the comfort of four-wheel drive. The multi-activity soft-adventure in our tours is perfect for groups, families and individuals.

Be as active or relaxed as you want. You create your own vacation adventure. Hike through picturesque valleys, dig for dino bones, trek through magnificent canyons, climb a mountain or sand dunes, see thrilling wildlife in its natural state, learn to ride a horse or camel, play games with locals, visit nomadic families, explore ancient historical sites or religious places.


The world is your oyster!


Come and experience a genuine Mongolian vacation.

Gallop through endless terrain, boat in blue water lakes. Watch the grazing horses or yaks. Escape to your own dream place. Observe over two hundred species of birds. Climb a mountain and view the unparalleled vistas. Explore pristine wilderness and desert isles. Pursue excellent sport or fly-fishing. Or simply relax to the sound of silence. This is a one of a kind experience!

Small groups. Great meals. Rustic comforts, while coexisting within the rare and protected natural habitats. Experience the natural, untouched Mongolia.